Planned features

All these ideas are maybes since I’m developing this on my spare time and I will probably abandon it at some point to start working on an original game instead. However, this is what I’ve been thinking about that would be a step from the original version.

  1. 16-bit version
    NES and SNES had identical resolutions, and Super Metroid uses 16×16 pixel tiles just as the NES version. It’s as easy as switching tileset to make a 16-bit version, well the sprites will probably be a bit more complicated.
  2. 16:9-resolution
    The original game is in 4:3-resolution. I want to make it playable in 16:9-resolution without stretching (black borders in vertical rooms).
  3. Minimap
  4. Inventory screen
  5. Custom level support
    I use Tiled to create the world map, which makes it pretty easy for anyone to create an alternative map. I just need to implement support for it.

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