This game is an incomplete remake of classic Metroid for NES to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary this year. I made it as an exercise and as a new way to revisit the game I loved since childhood. It will never be a perfect copy, and it will probably never be complete. The game is not endorsed by Nintendo, the copyright and trademark holder of Metroid.

Before I started working on this I never really understood why people made fan games instead of original ones. I’ve made a few attempts to create an original game, but have failed mainly because I can’t resist the urge to fill my code with hacky and half-finished experimental features and finding new directions until the code reaches a state of total chaos. I thought that if I tried to recreate a game guided by existing design choices and limitations it would be easier to keep focus and on track, and I was right :-).

Even if I’m attempting to do a remake of Metroid there is some differences that I don’t intend to remove such as the original limit to  three bullets at a time, enemy AI outside visible area and hardware limits such as flickering sprites in certain situations on NES. I do this for fun and as an exercise, not as an obsession to make a perfect copy.


Niklas Berg

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