Two player support

I promised myself to stick to the original concept until I had a playable game, before adding custom stuff. I couldn’t resist the idea to add a two player mode to the game though. I’m bending my own rules, but I’m still in line with the original English cover (except simultaneous gameplay instead of altering):

This is how the two player mode looks like in the unreleased dev-version.

This is how the two player mode looks like in the unreleased dev-version.

The two player mode required a custom camera able to follow both players. In normal mode the camera will focus on the position of Samus, putting her in the centre of the screen as long it’s allowed by world bounds. In two player mode the second player would be close to the screen edges or on top of player one. Instead we want the camera to focus on the midpoint between the players. This feature was actually really easy to add to Phaser Camera.js source code. I uploaded a demo with source code for anyone interested here.

My aim was to release a new version a few weeks ago, but I’ve had almost no time at all to work on the project. A lot of internal stuff is rewritten, which means that some features that were available before need to be added again. I won’t release anything that miss features of earlier versions so this is stopping me. That said, I’m just 2-3 hours of work away from a new release. It will be quite a large step towards actually creating a full clone of Metroid, but it will still be obvious when you reach the end of what I have had time to do.

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