Introduced a bug + Next release

I’ve made a few quiet updates. Unfortunately, I’ve been in a chain introducing new bugs with the updates. The last one fixed an annoying audio bug but introduced a bug making the map parser fail to detect vertical rooms. So much for exploring! The current state of the development version prevents me from uploading a quick fix so everything will stay in its current state until the code is in shape for a new public update. Speaking of which, this is what I’ve been working on:

New features to expect in the next update:
1. All areas including enemy and item locations
2. All items (wavebeam and varia)
3. Save games (localstorage)
4. Elevators

What not to expect:
1. Any updates to Samus and game mechanics (except new items).
2. New enemy types (unsupported enemy types will probably be replaced with others as place-holders).

Stuff you won’t notice:
1. Completely new tilemap parser that will run semi-asynchronously from boot state, which will speed up the game on mobiles. Also, it’s far more sophisticated than before both on CPU usage and on mapping the rooms correct. With the new parser it will be easy to add support for custom maps in the future. A completely new Metroid game could be built using just Tiled map editor without any coding :-).

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