First release

First version includes:

  • Complete Brinstar map, but only populated with enemies in the path to the first missiles
  • All items except varia and wave beam. Keep right to reach a special room containing all of them.
  • All brinstar enemy types. They won’t behave exactly as in the original though. My aim was to add them all, and in some cases I just went ahead as I remember them without comparing with the original.
  • Doors, destroyable blocks and lava.
  • Touch controls on touch devices (and decent performance on at least my Nexus 5 mobile).

Shortcomings and bugs:

  • Highly inefficient parsing of the Tiled map-file causing weaker devices freeze after starting a game.
  • Room transitions are pretty bad. It should be on top of the todo-list.
  • Sometimes samus bounces on frozen enemies. I don’t know why…
  • Frozen enemies and destroyable blocks can cause samus fall through walls.
  • Items reappear if you leave a room and return.
  • Not all events are paused when items are picked.
  • Skree bullets are harmless.
  • You can stand up from maru shape (ball) even if there is solid tiles above Samus.
  • Samus animations needs work.
  • A lot of coding was done without checking the original.
  • No support for partial tiles (8×8 pixels).
  • Audio-files in mixed formats and no fallbacks for compability.

Next version:
I don’t really have a plan for this project, and priorities may change but this is what may come in the next version.

  • True to original room transitions.
  • Alternative audio formats
  • Save game and that picked items stays picked.
  • Complete world map
  • Elevators
  • Secret passages (bombs and non-solid tiles)
  • All items
  • Simulated 8×8 pixel tiles.
  • 16:9-resolution
  • A few more enemy types.
  • Gamepad support
  • Code clean-up and removal of quick hacks to rush the first release.


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